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1 Song 1 Publishing is owned and operated by recording artist Tom Slack, also a songwriter/keyboardist/producer who has played with such great headliners as the world renown Michael Jackson, Mick Fleetwood, Jody Watley, Shalamar, The Association, The Monkees and jazz legend Don Ellis to name a few.

In 1980, Tom co-founded the rock group Dreamer. He wrote and produced four songs for the debut EP which was released in 1982. It did quite well. Today, these compositions, available world-wide, have been circulating the globe and are being enjoyed by many people, in many countries, primarily throughout Europe, Australia, and North America.

In 1984, Tom co-wrote the music for a thirty minute short film by “Mr. Belvedere” claim-to-fame, Rob Stone, for Banner Street Films, “The Sidewalk Motel”. This endeavor eventually led to composing music bytes for the ABC hit sitcom show “Full House”.

In January and July 2008, he wrote and produced two solo albums “Coming Of Age” and “Winds Of Time”, both an instrumental blend of funk, jazz, r&b, rock and new age. In October 2008, the new Dreamer limited edition collector’s CD “We’ve Got The Power” was released by AOR-FM Records, an independent british label.  Tom not only played keyboards on the album, he wrote, co-wrote and produced the fourteen classic rock songs.

Along with his two solo albums and the Dreamer album, Tom’s latest cd “Reflections”, are all currently available on your favorite digital download sites; itunes, amazonmp3, napster, rhapsody and emusic. 

In July 2011, Tom's latest single "As Time Goes By" was released on itunes.  It received "Instrumental Single of the Year" accreditation by the 21st Los Angeles Music Awards (LAMA).  In addition, Tom also was a "Producer's Choice Recipient" and was recognized as the 2011/2012 "Jazz Artist of the Year" by the 21st LAMA.

In October 2011, Tom was inducted into The Recording Academy (GRAMMYS) as a voting member.

In April and May 2012, Tom debuts his lead vocals and releases two new singles "Spend The Night With You" which is nominated for "Hot AC Single" by the 22nd Los Angeles Music Awards and "Missing You," nominated for Best Music Video by the 2013 Artists In Music Awards (AMA). Tom also receives 2 more nominations by the 22nd LAMA for "Instrumental Artist of the Year" and "Jazz Artist of the Year" while also being nominated for "Best Singer/Songwriter" and "Best Contemporary Artist" by the 2013 AMA.    

Tom is also currently a Los Angeles City Firefighter/Paramedic . AS TIME GOES BY is dedicated to ALL his fire brothers and sisters.

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